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"This book is absolutely adorable and very informative for kids! Because it’s written by kids, I think it can really connect to other children who don’t want to wash their hands. ♥️ Very poignant timing as well to encourage hand washing during this pandemic. These young authors are so talented, and I’m so excited to see what their next book will be. Keep up the great work girls!”
Amazon Customer
"What a great message for kids, especially in the time of Coronavirus. However, this message is true ALL the time! Amazing work, girls!”
Hardy Fam
"I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs a cute story to share about washing hands. Many kids don’t understand the “why” behind hand washing and this story shares how important it is in the most simple way. This book will also be a great resource in the classroom to share with your students throughout the year!”
Ashley Newsome
"Another story with a powerful message. Zinny is learning some big life lessons! The message in this book is powerful. I like that it has a nice bit of humor to help lighten a deep subject.”
Brittany Pomales

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