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Should I Speak Up?

is an illustrated children’s book that empowers kids to speak up. Written by Olivia and Rinnah, these two beautiful young girls were inspired to write the book after hearing about stories other young children experienced, which often involved mistreatment and bullying, and realizing a need to empower kids to speak up for themselves and others through storytelling

At a time of increasing social challenge, a new children’s book is on a mission to help children learn how and when to speak up. Inspiring a new generation of empowered youngsters, “Should I Speak Up?” proves to be a powerful tool for all children, irrespective of gender or ethnicity, who have been mistreated or bullied, or just want to “speak up” when they see negative behaviors impacting a friend, loved one, or stranger. An important topic for today’s society, “Should I Speak Up?” uses light humor to introduce and explore a deep subject. Teaching one of life’s many lessons, the book explores the idea of “speaking up” through a fun, exciting story that will resonate with children of all ages and backgrounds. With a real-life example from an everyday exchange many children witness, “Should I Speak Up?” stimulates conversation between kids and their parents, and serves as a resource for teachers to use in their classrooms to digest complex social concepts. A child-focused pledge to refrain from such behaviors and “speak up” is included in the back of the book.




Zinny didn’t like to wash her hands. She always made up stories not to wash her hands, even when asked to do so. Will Zinny ever stop making excuses? Must I Wash My Hands!? is a fun, simple and educational book and friendship, healthy habit and staying safe.

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